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Sheet Mask & Patch manufacture

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, the importance of sheet masks in the skincare sector is becoming increasingly important. As a professional Sheet Mask manufacturer, SecretSTRIP is committed to providing excellent customization services to our customers while ensuring continuous supply through independent production lines to meet your needs.

Features of customized sheet mask

→ A purely natural facial mask with no additives or preservatives

As a custom sheet mask manufacturer, SecretSTRIPS produces all anti-wrinkle mask series products only containing natural and organic ingredients, such as collagen, hamamelis extract and other ingredients. They have anti-wrinkle and wrinkle-smoothing effects, and can be used with confidence even on sensitive skin.

→ Three core technologies with patents

Condensed Microcrystalline & Matrix Spandex, Biomimetic Technology & Engineering Lamination Production Technology, Smart Reverse Lift & Supplement Anti-Aging Nutrients.

→  Can solve a variety of skin problems

Whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, and promotes collagen regeneration.

→  Sustainability and environmental protection

All facial masks produced by SecretSTRIPS are biodegradable, have no preservatives and will not pollute the environment. SecretSTRIPS strives to provide more sustainable beauty solutions and help brands realize their own eco-conscious initiatives and green sustainable concepts.

→  Diversity of anti-wrinkle areas

SecretSTRIPS' anti-wrinkle masks are divided into forehead anti-wrinkle masks, nasolabial fold anti-wrinkle patches, eye patches, glabella anti-wrinkle patches, and V-face anti-wrinkle patches. We have specialized anti-wrinkle solutions for different locations.

Professional Customization Service

Personalized Formulation

We understand that every brand has unique needs, so SecretSTRIPS offers a personalized Sheet Mask shape service. Whether you want an anti-wrinkle Sheet Mask in a different shape, our team of professionals will customize it to ensure your Sheet Mask is unique.


Creative Design

As your trusted partner, SecretSTRIPS not only provides excellent technical support but also supports creative design. Our design team will help you create unique packaging for places such as beauty salons, plastic surgery organizations, beauty product stores, beauty clinics, etc. Different packaging styles can be realized to make your Sheet Mask stand out in the market and win consumers' attention.


Small batch customization

Whether you are a large corporation or a start-up brand, we support bulk customization. This gives you the flexibility to test new products, respond quickly to changes in the market, and gain more opportunities for your brand.


Individual production lines for guaranteed delivery

Stable production capacity

SecretSTRIPS has an independent Sheet Mask production line with advanced equipment and technology. This means we can respond flexibly to order requirements and ensure on-time delivery to meet your marketing plans.


Quality Control

We implement strict quality control standards from raw material sourcing to every step of the production process to ensure that every Sheet Mask meets the highest quality standards. You can rest assured that our products are safe and efficient.


Suitable for all sensitive skin types

sheet masks from SecretSTRIPS contain various natural ingredients, are free of preservatives and flavors, and support natural degradation, ensuring that they can be used on various skin types and are very safe.


Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continually improving our manufacturing processes, utilizing the latest technologies and methods. This ensures we remain at the forefront of the Sheet Mask manufacturing industry, providing the best products.


As a sheet mask manufacturer, SecretSTRIPS prides itself on providing exceptional products and full support to our customers. By choosing us, you will receive first-class customized service and guaranteed supply from an independent production line, which will help you stand out from the fierce competition in the market. Contact us and let us work together to create your branded Sheet Mask collection and revitalize your business.

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Principle Of Anti-Wrinkles

Condensed Microcrystalline & Matrix Spandex

Condensed Microcrystalline & Matrix Spandex

Unique embedded structure

The inner and outer layers are condensed microcrystalline gel, which adopts a building-embedded structure and implants a layer of three-dimensional matrix elastic fiber mesh. This technology is used for the first time in global skin care products and is an exclusive patented technology.

Biomimetic Technology & Engineering Lamination Production Technology

Biomimetic Technology & Engineering Lamination Production Technology

Comfortable and tight against the skin

Produced by innovative ergonomic lamination production technology, it can stick to our skin; the bionic design of the human body will not cause our skin to be airtight and stuffy, so that we can feel particularly comfortable on the skin.

Smart Reverse Lift & Supplement Anti-Aging Nutrients

Smart Reverse Lift & Supplement Anti-Aging Nutrients

Six isometric lifts and stretch marks

Under the action of skin thermal energy, the matrix elastic fibers produce six-direction iso-force reverse pulling, which stretches the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and maintains a physical stretching force. At the same time, the condensed microcrystalline gel continues to It can supplement the skin's lost moisture, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other anti-aging nutrients. So as to achieve short-term desalination, long-term wrinkle removal effect.

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