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Who is secret strips For?

Secret strips is for men or women looking for active, safe, natural and preventative measures to reduce facial wrinkle lines. Although results vary based on age and skin health, secret strips is recommended for people between age 25 – 55. Earlier and better, especially when your skin only has sagging and fine lines, you will have more abvious effect.

25 – 35 Year

25 – 35 Year

35-45 Year

35-45 Year

45-55 Year

45-55 Year

Product usage scenarios

You can use secret strips to kill wrinkles everytime and everywhere. Because of its invisible appearance and made by human face’s structure, it can't be found hardly! You can wear it during your sleep time, eatting, running, working etc. 

Product usage scenarios

For best results, it is recommended to start using secret strips daily in your 25 years old as a preventative measure before deep wrinkle lines form. At ages 35+ secret strips can be applied over facial wrinkle lines to hide their appearance and prevent them from deepening.

Product usage scenarios

Product principle

Each Secret Strip has a unique appearance design, which is exclusively designed according to the principle of human facial wrinkles!

  • 01

    Core technology one

    Embedded Design

  • 02

    Matrix elastic fiber embedding technology

    Bionic skin plus super ability of moisturizing

  • 03

    Aqua microcrystalline gel patent technology

Factory strength
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