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An purchasing agent guide for buyers of face patches for wrinkles

Anti-Wrinkle Mask Patch | Special Exclusive Offer

At present, Secret Strips can supply a full range of anti-wrinkle face patches centrally for cosmetologists, dermatologists, beauty care centers, wholesalers, agents, retailers, beauty stores, cosmetic stores, and other places, and also supports the customization of standard products. 

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According to the latest data, the beauty market has a growing demand for anti-wrinkle face patches.As people's awareness of beauty and skincare improves, face patches for wrinkles, a non-invasive skincare solution, have gained widespread attention and popularity. 

First, consumers are demanding more and more results from their products. 

When sourcing face patches for wrinkles, highly effective active ingredients and advanced technological principles will be the two main concerns of the product.

The anti-wrinkle face patches from Secret Strips fulfill these two significant needs with eight active ingredients and three patented technologies.

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Anti-Wrinkle Mask Patch | Special Exclusive Offer

Our anti-wrinkle face patches contain Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Collagen protein, Hydrocotyle, asiatica extract, Hamamelis Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Mulberry Leaf Extract,Hyaluronic Acid and oligopeptide, these eight kinds of efficacy ingredients, can be targeted to improve the situation of wrinkles.

The three patented technologies are Condensed Microcrystalline & Matrix Spandex, Biomimetic Technology & Engineering Lamination Production Technology, and Smart Reverse Lift & Supplement Anti-Aging Nutrients


All of our face patches for wrinkles are compliant with CPSR, ARTG, MSDS, patents, and other certificates from 21 countries (including but not limited to Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, etc.).

So, our products do not have the safety issues you worry about and are as biodegradable, recyclable, vegan, paraben-free, dye and flavor-free as possible.


We also offer the lowest discounts if you purchase bulk for related needs!

Below are our products. You can choose freely according to your needs; these are real-life review pictures below. It can provide some practical help for you.

anti wrinkle face patches before VS after

anti wrinkle forehead patches before VS after

Anti-wrinkle Nasolabial mask before VS after

If you want to cooperate with us, we support sample trials. We are looking forward to working with you! If you have questions about the anti-wrinkle face patches, click here to contact us!

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  • Q Is the magic strips safe?

    A We adopt exclusive patent technology which is without injection or prohibited ingredients, a totally safe and effective external use product. We have five major international certificates: SGS certificate, GMPC certificate, the EU CPSR compulsory certificate, ISO22716 international quality certificate, and we also certified by National Cosmetic Testing Center. Magic strips set up a sample in safety in the whole industry. It can meet the requirement of any inspection and certification. We completely adopt patent technology to reduce wrinkles, our production standard is 10 to 100 times higher than national safety standards limit, which is without any heavy metal or hormone. We believe that the world's most authoritative and stringent EU CPSR compulsory certificate will make no limitation for our magic strips on gaining it's popularity worldwide.
  • Q Does it support customization?

    A Secret Strips supports shape customization for a full range of products such as Eye Strips, Forehead Strips, Masks and more.
  • Q Can you provide individually customized packaging?

    A Secret Strips can provide customized aluminum foil pouch packaging.Aluminum foil bags, also known as aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags, meet the requirements of environmental protection (third-party test reports can be provided), in line with the European Union and North America on packaging materials, the most stringent environmental standards. Meanwhile, we can punch holes and so on according to customers' requirements.

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