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Anti Wrinkle Forehead Strips

Microcrystal anti-aging secret strips for forehead

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Fast paced and irregular work, the skin around the forehead becomes slackFrequent facial muscle movements, forehead wrinkles continue to deepenand lengthen Sun exposure and environmental problems exacerbate forehead winkle


Anti Wrinkle Frown Lines Strips

Anti Wrinkle Frown Lines Strips

Anti Wrinkle Frown Lines Strips

Anti Wrinkle Frown Lines Strips

Anti Wrinkle Forehead Strips

Anti Wrinkle Forehead Strips

Anti Wrinkle Forehead Strips

Anti Wrinkle Forehead Strips

Anti Wrinkle Eye Mask Strips

Anti Wrinkle Eye Mask Strips

Anti Wrinkle Eye Mask Strips

Anti Wrinkle Eye Mask Strips

Anti Wrinkle Nasolabial Folds Strips

Anti Wrinkle Nasolabial Folds Strips

Anti Wrinkle Nasolabial Folds Strips

Anti Wrinkle Nasolabial Folds Strips

Anti Wrinkle V Face Lifting Strips

Anti Wrinkle V Face Lifting Strips

Anti Wrinkle V Face Lifting Strips

Anti Wrinkle V Face Lifting Strips

​Forehead Strips For Wrinkles

·Skin relaxation

·Water loss, collagen loss

·Frequent facial expression

You need such a Forehead Strips

Forehead wrinkle care kit

Anti Wrinkle Forehead Strips+Serum

Forehead Strips For Wrinkles

Forehead Wrinkle Patches to Eliminate Forehead Wrinkles, Frownies Facial Patches, Anti-Wrinkle Forehead Patches with Hydrolyzed Collagen for Men & Women

Forehead Strips act like a splint or a cast holding the facial muscles smooth and relaxed keeping you from expressing while smoothing the wrinkles!


Forehead wrinkles treatment, Wrinkle smoothing patches form a splint holding the visible layer of skin smooth & flat overnight.

A picture showing a skin patch on the forehead area, the patch fits perfectly with the skin, smoothing out the wrinkles on the forehead and making the skin surface smooth visually

Forehead Wrinkle Strips for Fine Line Reduction and Wrinkle Prevention, quick and visible effects!

A close up photo showing the skin of the forehead area with a wrinkle removal patch on it. The skin patch fits perfectly with the skin on the forehead, and the visual effect of visible fine lines being smoothed out is visible on the patch. The effect of the patch fitting closely to the skin and the skin surface becoming blurred or reduced can be highlighted.

Those anti-wrinkle forehead patches are thin and clear, making them comfortable. Simple to temporarily smooth wrinkles safely.

The forehead strips for wrinkles uses patented microcrystalline technology, which can release hyaluronic acid and moisturize you for a long time. At the same time, the forehead strips for wrinkles can also effectively smooth your fine lines, making your skin smoother and firmer.

A close up photo showing the anti-wrinkle forehead patch, the patch presents a thin and transparent texture. The patch fits closely to the skin and the light touch gives a comfortable feeling. The picture can highlight the transparency and thinness of the patch, and the skin surface wrinkles are smoothed out the effect

Does it work?

If your expression lines are faint you may see results quickly, but consistent use is necessary in order to retrain the facial muscles. Although you may see smoothing results first thing in the morning it’s normal for your wrinkles/expression lines to come back pretty quickly at first because you haven’t truly retrained the facial muscles. Just like fitness, results take time! Your face doesn’t get fit overnight either!

If you have deep wrinkles and expression lines you will need to wear your Forehead Strips every night for the first few months or until you achieve the results you’re looking for.

And remember, Forehead Strips aren’t a quick fix! Forehead Strips as with all skin care products are the long game and long term users RAVE about their results! 

  Check out the before and after pictures from other happy customers! 

Remember that placement is important! Cover your full forehead and overlap your patches for the best results and reach out anytime you need help! Our customer care team is happy to support you on your Frownies wrinkle treatment journey!

How to apply

Technology Method

The world's leading brand

In 1889, Frownies facial patches became popular for their anti-wrinkle and smoothing lines. Today, Frownies is an Amazon best seller and is loved by thousands of shoppers, especially those in their 60s and 70s.

Choose Secret Strip, Create Your Own Brand!

Why Secret Strip?

Guangzhou Magic Strips Family Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.


Raw-material traceability identification

Finished product inspection

QA/QC inspectors

Testing instruments

On-site material inspection

Quality traceability


At present, wrinkles is the biggest problem in medical anti-aging and beauty industry. Whether injection, skin-stretch surgery or embedding therapy, will not completely solve this problem, even bring us suffering and disfigurement. Ordinary skin care or facial mask alone externally can't reduce wrinkles, neither do famous brands. But our magic strips will reduce wrinkles without injection or surgery, to improve our skin situation within comfortable and safe levels. This technology is the highest in the entire anti-aging industry. At the meantime, we have  exclusive patents, ergonomic design patent. A beauty revolution caused by secret strip is happening.


We adopt exclusive patent technology which is without injection or prohibited ingredients, a totally safe and effective external use product. We have five major international certificates: SGS certificate, GMPC certificate, the EU CPSR compulsory certificate, ISO22716 international quality certificate, and we also certified by National Cosmetic Testing Center. Magic strips set up a sample in safety in the whole industry. It can meet the requirement of any inspection and certification. We completely adopt patent technology to reduce wrinkles, our production standard is 10 to 100 times higher than national safety standards limit, which is without any heavy metal or hormone. We believe that the world's most authoritative and stringent EU CPSR compulsory certificate will make no limitation for our magic strips on gaining it's popularity worldwide.


Agile supply chain

Minor customization

Design-based customization

Sample-based customization

Full customization

Centralized procurement available

Choose Secret Strip, Create Your Own Forehead Strips Brand!


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