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Anti Wrinkle Pads


When it comes to anti wrinkle pads - we know what we're talking about! Proven to reduce the appearance of visible fine lines around the eyes, forehead and neck, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkled skin and repair sun damage to the dermis while you sleep. anti wrinkle pads moisturize and plump the surface of your skin, increasing blood flow and smoothing out irregular collagen structures, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the neck and eyes.

Onnogel's anti-wrinkle pads are usually made from skin-safe water-based microcrystal and gel that sticks to the skin and stays in place, the strips then form an elastic web that smooths and tightens the skin. They come in different shapes and sizes and are suitable for specific areas of the face, neck and chest prone to wrinkles. Most anti wrinkle pads recommend wearing them overnight for best results.

The pads help prevent transepidermal water loss - locking in moisture so the skin will be better hydrated and able to repair itself and produce collagen. And the pads also keep the skin flat, so this helps prevent wrinkles from forming while you sleep.

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Silicone Under Eye Patches Forehead Wrinkle Patches Wrinkle Patches - Anti-Aging Daily Facial Patches

Forehead wrinkle patch, reusable hypoallergenic silicone smoothing pad

Facial wrinkle patch - Clear reusable pad for overnight anti-wrinkle treatment - Fine line removal strips smooth the eyes, mouth and forehead - Trains facial muscles for smoother skin

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Face and forehead wrinkle patch - All night facial wrinkle patch, facelift tape invisible patch - anti-wrinkle patch to reduce fine

Under Eye Patches and Forehead Patches - Eye Mask Puffy Eye and Dark Circle Treatment looks less tired and gives your skin a fresh look

Forehead and Inter-eye Wrinkle Patches Original Wrinkle Patches Non-Invasive Wrinkle Smoother for Forehead Wrinkles

Face and forehead wrinkle patches, full face wrinkle patches to reduce fine lines, frown lines and smile lines, men's and women's face and forehead wrinkle patches, and overnight facial patches for easy application

 Reusable silicone anti-wrinkle and fine line patches for face, eyes, smile and forehead

Forehead Wrinkle Patches - Reusable hypoallergenic silicone smoothing pads, wrinkle removal patches for use between the brow, upper lip and smile lines

Face and forehead wrinkle patches - Anti-wrinkle patch to smooth wrinkles under the eyes, mouth and forehead - Overnight facial tape treatment - Facial patch to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and smile lines

Silicone Eye Patch Forehead Wrinkle Patch Wrinkle Patch - Anti-ageing daily facial patch overnight eye patch

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Wrinkles are caused by sleeping, ageing, and sun damage, but don't worry, Onnogel patches can help!

Our anti wrinkle pads are made in China and are water-based microcrystalline and gel anti wrinkle pads that are perfect for wearing while you sleep. The pads work by comfortably wrapping around your face and these strips smooth out lines and stretch the skin to firm it up. Using Hyaluronic Acid before and after applying the Secret Strips moisturizes the skin and creates a more substantial waterproof barrier under the first few layers of skin. At the same time, the accompanying serum supports the skin's natural ability to moisturize while retaining moisture, increasing blood flow and helping to boost collagen production - an important protein we lose as our skin ages.

Recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians and beauty media worldwide, our microcrystalline fibre ANTI WRINKLE PADS are effective and affordable in preventing and smoothing out facial wrinkles immediately after your first night's application and giving you better results over time.

Benefits of using anti wrinkle pads

Soft and comfortable: recognized as safe to use on the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Smoothes your skin: It keeps your skin moisturized and soft. Continued use will help restore facial skin to a more youthful appearance.

EFFECTIVE: Our facial wrinkle patches will effectively reduce and prevent various facial wrinkles such as eye wrinkles, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet etc.

Dissolvable: Each silicone face pad dissolves and absorbs as you use it. And it is easy to clean, just hand wash and air dry.

How to use anti-wrinkle pads

1. Cleanse and dry the skin away from any skin care products

2. Peel off the plastic layer of the silicone patch to expose the adhesive

3. Apply the silicone patch to the target area with the adhesive side on the skin

4. wear while sleeping for best results or 1-2 hour lift

5. After use, gently peel off the patches and place them on the storage paper provided

6. Glow!

results of using anti wrinkle pads

Reduced wrinkles - 97.5% of women who used our wrinkle patches experienced a reduction in facial wrinkles

Firmer skin - 90% of women experienced firmer skin and 93% of users said their skin felt smoother

Hydration - 94% of users reported that their skin felt softer and more hydrated 

Improved appearance - 97.8% of women noticed an improvement in their appearance and 90% of users said their skin looked younger

92% of users prefer patches to injectables

Should you try anti wrinkle pads?

Thankfully, the risks of trying wrinkle patches are relatively low. Unlike injectables such as Botox, which relaxes the muscles that create lines and the effects last for months, wrinkle patches can give you short-term results without any needles.

It's always a good idea to test any new skin care product before using it more widely or leaving it on for an extended period of time."

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